The APR Company

Specialists in Architectural Paint Removal and Traditional Lime Repairs

The APR Company. We are specialists in architectural paint removal and traditional lime repairs.

The APR Company uses chemical systems that have been accepted by many local authorities and councils as well as organisations such as S.P.A.B, English Heritage, and the National Trust. With over 17 years experience of chemical paint removal on old properties, from large town houses in Richmond and Chelsea to small old cobblers' shops in Cambridgeshire, including some nationally famous buildings, our understanding of the customers' and the properties' needs are of the utmost importance.

Chemical paint removal offers an opportunity to remove paint from surfaces that should not have been painted and leave them looking as they did originally. Old properties were not built with a damp course, therefore moisture will soak up a wall to evaporate at an area above the ground. Modern paint coatings on old lime plaster, brickwork and render can create a damp problem and start the damage. Bricks will start to ‘blow’ in the winter, timbers will rot as they cannot dry out and the renders and plasters will degrade and fall apart.

Before and after, removal of paint from brick wall in Ealing, West London

The APR company can remove the paint using the most effective product for each particular paint coating. This will mean that a most labour efficient job is carried out costing the customer the least amount of money.
On site tests and feasibility studies can be carried out at a cost of £250.00. (subject to location) This includes all the materials and machinery.

We can remove most paints without damage to the underlying surface.

We can also provide lime paint or lime wash application once the paint has been removed.

The APR Company is large enough to cope, small enough to care, and we feel that we can turn your expectations into reality. We offer advice, feasibility studies, full scale test areas and contract paint removal, including graffiti removal and brick cleaning.
Colin Smith of The APR Company has worked in the paint removal industry for over 17 years (some of which was in manufacturing). Having started at the grass roots, his knowledge in this field is based on a good understanding of the paints, removers and the problems encountered by the two as well as an understanding of the use of lime in period properties.